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Hate analyzing Reviews?

Reviuber weeds out useless, irrelevant reviews so you can make a purchase decision faster.
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Four Reasons to Use Reviuber

  • Relevant

    Stop wasting time reading useless, irrelevant reviews. Use ReviUber to find only those that matter to you so you can make a purchase decision faster. ReviUber = Really Relevant Reviews

  • Transparent

    All our reviews are crowdsourced. We don’t use offshore “factories” to fabricate reviews. We validate reviews to make sure the Author is an owner, or a user of a service. Validated reviews and their Authors with higher credibility rank higher in our search results.

  • Unbiased

    We loathe bias and conflict of interest. We attract real people, with real experiences to share them with our community. The ReviUber software is designed to expose biased Authors.

  • Data Ownership

    We’re consumers too and we know that online privacy, data ownership and control is a hot topic these days. That’s why we chose a business model that lets you own, control, and see your data. If that’s not enough, Authors of validated reviews are paid by ReviUber and the community.

Why Disrupt?

For online reviews, our software reduces information overload by matching your needs and wants with high quality, validated reviews from consumers like you. Unlike most review sites and forums, we’re designed to be transparent so you spend far less time analyzing.

How it Works

Step One

Select the products or services and features that matter to you.

Step One

Take the time to view, and find, the right features.

Step Two

Prioritize your features.

Step Two

Use the sliding panel to assign each feature a priority.

Step Three

Get, or author Really Relevant Reviews.

Step Three

A bit more up front time saves lot in the end.


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